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Pleasure With Products : Beyond Usability

Autor(es): William S. Green; Patrick W. Jordan
Editor: Taylor & Francis
Edição: 1
Ano de publicação: 2002
Idioma: eng
ISBN: 9780415237048
Numero de páginas: 390

The last five years have seen a major paradigm shift in the role of human factors in product design. Previously this was seen as pertaining almost exclusively to product usability, but new recognition is being given to "pleasure-based" human factors. This emphasizes the holistic nature of the experi
Introduction. Pleasure with Products: Beyond Usability 'Human Factors and Design'. Beauty in Usability: Forget Ease of Use. The Personalities of Products. Beyond Usability, Computer Playfulness. The Basis of Product Emotions. Product Appearance and Consumer Pleasure. Product Design for Consumer Taste. Pleasure versus Efficiency in User Interfaces: Towards an Involvement Framework. The Scenario of Sensory Encounter: Cultural Factors in Sensory-Aesthetic Experience. Emergence of Books
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