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Corporate Diplomacy : The Strategy for a Volatile, Fragmented Business Environment

Autor(es): Ulrich Steger
Editor: Wiley
Edição: 1
Ano de publicação: 2004
Idioma: eng
ISBN: 9780470858004
Numero de páginas: 320
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Based on a wealth of empirical studies and case studies, this book explains the strategic choices companies have to make in order to remain consistent. In each chapter, real-life examples illuminate the key message managers should take away from the book. It offers a purely managerial viewpoint focused on what managers can do to manage the business enviroment in any situation.

Foreword by Antony Burgmans (Unilever).


Introduction and Overview.

The Tangled World - Trends and Countertrends.

The Players in the Global Village.

How Business Has Managed Non-Market Interactions up to the Present Day.

Detecting and Preventing Trouble Ahead.

Making Corporate Diplomacy Happen.

Corporate Communication.

"Suits" amd "Sandals": Balancing Conflict and Co-operation.

Learning from Three Reference Examples.

Appendix I – Business Case vs. Business Ethics.

Appendix II – Relevant IMD Case Studies.

Further Reading.


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